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A Time of Reflection: Ripples of Change

A time of reflection . . .

By Ann Marie Ronsman, Executive Director | CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County

Ann Marie RonsmanRipples of Change

I am writing this note from Crystal Beach. Every morning when we are here we make sure to get up early and walk our 4 dogs (3 basset hounds and one terrier) on the beach at sunrise. I am always amazed how each sunrise is different. Some sunrises are clouded, others bright, each different, yet beautiful in its own way. I also love to watch the ocean tides. They too are never the same. The powerful waves crash resulting in unique ripples on the ocean surface.

Dogs on the beachThe work we do at CASA is beautiful, unique and powerful just like the sunrise over the ocean. Whether you are a volunteer, donor or supporter you play a role in powerfully changing the trajectory of children’s lives. The work we do is powerful, because it is not ONLY about this child in care for whom we are advocating. It is about the ripples that come from changing not only the life of this child, but rather about the generations that follow this child that go on to live healthy lives, unimpacted by trauma.

making a difference

Little girl making a heartYour support allows us to ensure teens in foster care have the tools and life skills they need to be successful. It provides the resources to ensure every single child in care in Montgomery County has a volunteer Advocate to ensure that the best interests of the child remain the focus of everyone involved in the case. Your support allows us to train caregivers, parents, attorneys, school district personnel and law enforcement in trauma informed care practices so that they can better understand our children’s behaviors.

We are grateful for your generosity of time, talent and treasure. Your support is powerful and life changing.

With Deepest Gratitude,

Ann Marie