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CASA volunteers of Montgomery County are required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of in-service training each calendar year in order to stay abreast of new information, services, policies, and legislation. In-service training credit can be earned through a variety of different delivery methods, including attending workshops, watching videos, and reading articles, and should be related to their role as a CASA volunteer.

The chart below outlines the amount of credit which can be earned for different types of training. Be sure to speak to the CASA Training Manager if you do not see a specific type of training listed below or would like to know if a certain type of training will qualify for credit.

Training Type                                              Allowable Credit

Articles in magazines, journals and newspapers related to child advocacy, plus written summary Maximum of 1 hour per article
Reading an approved book and turning in written summary 1-6 hours based on length of book (30 minutes for every 50 pages)
Video / DVD with written summary Length of the video or DVD (Maximum 2 hours for a singular show / program, or maximum 4 hours for a series)
TV Program with written summary Length of program (Maximum 2 hours for a singular show / program, or maximum 4 hours for a series)
On-line Training Module Hour for Hour Exchange if CASA content (Use recommended credit if provided); For non-CASA content a maximum of 4 hours.
Webinar Length of webinar (Hour for Hour Exchange)
CASA Conference Length of conference sessions minus breaks and lunch (Hour for Hour Exchange)
In-Service Session sponsored by CASA  Length of session / seminar minus breaks (Hour for Hour Exchange)
Classes related to child development, child advocacy Length of class / seminar minus breaks (Hour for Hour Exchange)
Assisting in CASA Pre-Service Training Hour for Hour Exchange
Attending Advocate Support Group Meetings Maximum of 2 hours per meeting
Field Trips to Placement Resources 2-4 hours, depending on time spent
Brown Bag Lunch with Staff Hour for Hour Exchange