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CASA Child's StoryHere we share one CASA child’s story…

Meet Maddie…

3 year old Maddie’s parents were severe drug users. During her young life, Maddie had witnessed episodes of domestic violence between her mom and dad. She was often left at home, all by herself. Child Protective Services (CPS) was notified of Maddie’s dangerous situation and placed her into foster care.

CASA Takes the case

Susan, a CASA Volunteer, was appointed as Maddie’s Advocate.

Due to their previous substance abuse and the resulting neglectful supervision of their daughter, the original goal for the case was the termination of Maddie’s parents’ rights.

As young parents, the removal of their daughter from their home was eye-opening for the couple. The road ahead would not be easy. They would need to work through a detailed and thorough CPS Service Plan. This included regular drug testing and parenting classes.

Maddie’s Advocate, Susan, was very forthcoming with the young parents. She reiterated that their daughter would not be returned to them unless they were willing to step up to become the parents that Maddie deserved.

A Welcome change of circumstances

Maddie’s parents took Susan’s words to heart. They put in the effort and hard work needed to change their lifestyle for their daughter. They stopped using drugs, completed every obligation required by CPS, and made it their sole priority to protect Maddie, now and in the future.

Susan watched the parents’ transformation as the case progressed. She spoke regularly with them and was convinced that returning Maddie home to her parents would be the best possible outcome.

Susan presented her findings to the court. Because of Susan’s determination and testimony to the court, the judge agreed. The judge ordered that Maddie be reunited with the two people who love her most…her mom and dad.

Today, Maddie is growing and thriving, safe and home with her parents who love her and made the life changes necessary to protect her, thanks to the support of her Advocate, Susan.

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