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CASA’s Advocate of the Year: Susan Olver


Being a CASA Advocate demands time, commitment, and passion. CASA Advocates are a constant for children facing uncertainty; they are a voice for those you cannot speak for themselves; they are a hope for the future. Last year, 171 Advocates stood up for 639 abused and/or neglected children. Because of them, 639 children will have an opportunity to grow up in safe, stable homes.

Selecting one volunteer to be our “Advocate of the Year” from such an extraordinary group is difficult, but Susan Olver is exceptional!

Susan has served as an Advocate for 6 years, making a difference in the lives of 26 children in 13 family groups. Her ability to listen, to communicate, and to articulate her recommendations for best interest has enabled her to achieve success under very difficult circumstances. In times of need, Susan has always answered the call and stepped in to help! Susan does not, however, stop at Advocacy. She has served CASA in almost every capacity… from procuring Christmas gifts for all of our children to serving as a member of our GALA fundraising committee. whether it is the 4th of July parade or our 5K SuperHero 5K Run, Susan, along with her husband Lee, is there to cheer us on and to be the face of CASA. Susan is “one of a kind” and we are proud to have her as our 2012 “Advocate of the Year”.