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The Training Spot | October – November 2020

Ann Marie Ronsman

By Ann Marie Ronsman, CASA Training Director & TBRI Practitioner Happy fall y’all! (Can a Wisconsin girl say that?) 2020 Fall Conference I hope you have enjoyed our virtual fall conference. All fall conference training must be completed by October 15th. Please make sure to document your learning in Optima. Drip Learning We took a… Read more »

Don’t Forget About the Family Dog

Family Engagment

By Jenn Engel, CASA Case Supervisor and Collaborative Family Engagement Lead Facilitator Our CASA Advocates and Supervisors are doing an excellent job implementing the CFE tools and working with others on the CFE team to ensure our CASA children have connections with positive, familiar adults while under CPS care and in a pandemic. Although family… Read more »

SUPERHERO Craft Packet and Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Kids!

Scavenger Hunt Sheet

As we finally enjoy some relief from the southeast Texas heat, and as the 2020 CASA Superhero Run kicks off virtually, we’ve created a fun SUPERHERO-themed activity packet for kids! The packet contains easy at-home craft ideas, as well as an outdoor scavenger hunt. Download the kids’ activity packet here. Advocates, download a version of… Read more »

Navigating the World of Special Education Acronyms

Children at school

Recently, you received an invitation to attend an ARD for your LD CASA child to review their IEP, develop a BIP and consider an ED evaluation by a LSSP. Got it??? Educators are quite adept at using common acronyms in their conversations with parents and Advocates. It is often assumed that everyone understands what the… Read more »

Advocate Spotlight: The Bike Guys

Child riding bike

Did you know??? Three CASA Advocates started a bike program about a year ago for children in foster care in our county. They recently sent us an update, so we’re passing it on and sharing with you! From “The Bike Guys” – Ron Finch, Randall Cade, and Paul Vallone: WHAT WE HAVE DONE We have… Read more »

TEA and School District Updates: 2020-2021 School Year

Little girl making a heart

By Linda Chilcoat, CASA Case Supervisor and Education Team Lead The Texas Education Agency has provided all school districts in the state of Texas with some general guidelines for opening schools. Much leeway has been given to local districts in beginning the school year based on their county health guidelines. Here is the link for… Read more »

Great dads make the world go ’round.

Dad dancing with daughter

I know because I had one. By Ann McAlpin | Executive Director, CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County When we were little, my dad danced me on his shoes. He took me to the pool every Sunday and cheered when I swam a lap or did an underwater somersault. He taught me how to hold… Read more »

Meet Kaleb, Kaylee, and Keisha

Kaleb, Kaylee and Keisha

At the start Twins, Kaylee and Keisha, entered this world testing positive for drugs. Along with their older brother, Kaleb, the three spent their early years raised by their grandmother as their young parents continued to use drugs and make decisions that would put the siblings in danger. As the children grew older, the twins… Read more »

Today I want to tell you about my Aunt Mary Lou and a mother’s love.

Every child deserves to be safe and loved

By Ann McAlpin, Executive Director | CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County I wrote this letter before this pandemic, but I wanted to share it with you on this day dedicated to celebrating mothers. Because every child deserves to be loved the way my Aunt Mary Lou loved her daughter, Martha. I grew up playing… Read more »