Advocate Continuing Education – TBRI SERIES: Creating a Culture and Building Connection through TBRI

Creating a Culture and Building Connection through TBRI:

1st series

April 29th from 10:00- 11:30: Building Connection and Felt Safety Through Engagement Strategies and Life Value Terms

2nd series

May 26th from 10:00-11:30: Exploring Sensory Input, Experiences, and Internal Senses, Identifying Triggers, Engine check and Self-regulation

3rd series

June 30th from 10:00-11:30: Giving Choices and Offering Compromises, Re-dos and Role Playing

Pick up your TBRI Toolkits beforehand!

TBRI tool kits for this training will be available for Advocates to pick up between April 16th through April 28th at the CASA office.  Advocates will receive a Certificate of Completion for the 4.5-hour series.