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February Board Spotlight: Sandy Petermann-Williams

Sandy Petermann-Williams recognizes lasting impact of guardians ad litem on children in foster care

We invite you to meet Board Vice-Chair Sandy Petermann-Williams, who joined CASAs Board of Directors in 2016. An award-winning real estate agent, Sandy dedicates her spare time to serving in her community as a board member of CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County and as a member of The Junior League of The Woodlands.

in your own words, what problems do Advocates help to solve?

Advocates speak for what is in the children’s best interest. A significant amount of time, energy, and investigation is involved in the process to determine what is truly best for the child. 

How did you first hear about CASA?

My friend and client, Phil Longorio, called and asked if I would be interested in joining the CASA Board of Directors. They were looking for someone “well connected” in the community (ha!). I did not know anything about the organization, so I asked to serve on a committee first to be educated on the cause. I quickly felt the need to help.

What attracted you to this cause?

These children are innocent, and I knew I could help.

With so many great organizations to support, why should others choose to support CASA?

Who can say NO to innocent children? It’s all about helping these kids have a better life.

What have you learned about children in foster care?

Being a part of this organization has been an eye-opening experience for me. At board meetings, when the Advocates share the stories of the children they serve, it just breaks my heart.

What surprised you most about the role of an Advocate?

The crucial role the Advocate plays throughout the entire process, from the time a child enters the child welfare system until they are reunited with family or placed in another permanent home. If the child did not have an Advocate, who knows what would happen to them!

What would you say to someone about becoming a volunteer?

So many do not know this organization exists. I would speak about what I know and then provide a Fund-A-Child video for them to watch. My friends and clients whove become Advocates tell me this is exactly what God wanted them to do with their time.

What do you think people should know about CASA?

Exactly what CASA of Montgomery County does for our community!

How has Your involvement in CASA changed you?

It truly makes me appreciate growing up in a home with parents who loved me unconditionally, provided a roof over my head and food on the table, brought me to church, and made sure I had an education. Those are the things that we take for granted, but the children that we serve do not have any of these things. It truly has changed my outlook on life!

— Sandy Petermann-Williams, Board Vice-Chair, CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County

Born and raised in Louisiana, Sandy Petermann-Williams is a long-time resident of The Woodlands and has been helping clients buy and sell homes in The Woodlands area for more than a decade. Prior to finding her true calling in real estate, Sandy worked as an accountant in the oil and gas industry. Professional awards and accolades for Sandy’s work include membership in the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, Chairman’s Club, and Platinum Club as well as ranking among the Top 20 RE/MAX realtors for 2014. She has also garnered the sought-after Five Star Professional Award for real estate agents a remarkable eight years in a row.

When not working or volunteering, Sandy and her husband, Steve, enjoy traveling and attending the many local arts, music, and other events that The Woodlands has to offer.


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