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•  Can I pay for a ticket the evening of the event?

Yes, however, tables are normally full prior to our event.   We encourage you to purchase your seat/s prior to the event.

•  Can I purchase a table without knowing the names of my guests?

Yes, you will receive a code number located at the bottom of your registration page.  This code will allow you re-entry to your page to add the names of your guests.

•   Will I receive my tickets in the mail?

No, we do not issue tickets.  Your name and the names of your guests are listed on our registration form.  You simply check in upon arrival and give them your name/s.

•  If one of my guests is unable to attend, can I invite someone else at the last

Yes, you can invite someone other than your original guest.  You will need to tell our registration table the name of the person who is unable to attend, and provide them with the name of your new guest.  Your new guest will be issued a bidder number to use throughout the evening.

•  Can I register my Credit Card to use the evening of the event?

No, at this time for security purposes we do not retain your credit card information.  Please bring your credit card to register the night of the event.

•  What Credit Cards do you accept?

Visa / Master Card / American Express/ Discover

•  How many seats are at each table?

Ten (10)

•  Where should I park?

It is best to park in the garage located across from the hotel.  There is a walk-way located on the fourth level that will take you directly into the hotel.

•  What time does the event begin?

Check in and champagne reception begins at 6:00 p.m.

•  What is the dress code for the evening?

Most ladies wear either a cocktail dress or evening gown and men wear a suit or a tux.