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Meet Kaleb, Kaylee, and Keisha

Kaleb, Kaylee and KeishaAt the start

Twins, Kaylee and Keisha, entered this world testing positive for drugs. Along with their older brother, Kaleb, the three spent their early years raised by their grandmother as their young parents continued to use drugs and make decisions that would put the siblings in danger.

As the children grew older, the twins were in need of specialized care that their grandmother felt she could no longer provide. Their grandmother contacted Child Protective Services (CPS) and explained that while she could no longer care for the three siblings, she did not feel safe turning the children back over to their parents. CPS removed the children and placed them in foster care.

CASA Steps Up

CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County was not initially on the case, but the attorney for the children pleaded for a CASA volunteer to be assigned to look out for the children’s best interest. Advocate Steffy stepped up and took on the case.

Before the first hearing, Steffy attended a meeting at CPS, armed with notes. She had researched the entire case and voiced opposition to immediately terminating the rights of the parents. Steffy shared the opinion of CPS that, up to this point, the children’s parents had certainly not made decisions to provide the children with a safe home environment. However, they had not really actively parented their own children, either. Steffy believed that the parents deserved, at the very least, a chance to change.

The court ordered the parents to complete a comprehensive service plan. They also needed to prove they could remain drug-free, maintain a job and permanent housing.

With Steffy’s encouragement and support, the parents went above and beyond to make the necessary lifestyle changes to be able to bring their children home. They realized their past mistakes but were focused and determined to provide a better, stable, and loving future for their family.

Before the children could be returned, significant improvements were required to the couple’s home. Improvements the couple could not afford on their own. Steffy once again stepped up, contacting another area non-profit to help with the repairs. She even sourced second-hand furniture so the home could be furnished and the family could be comfortable.

Safe, Permanent Home

Now, two years later, Kaylee and Keisha, who once had special needs, are on-target for their age. Kaleb is a healthy and happy seven year old, learning to ride a bike and enjoying first grade.

Kaleb, Kaylee and Keisha could have languished in foster care or been separated and adopted by different families. They could have felt abandoned and questioned why they weren’t wanted. Instead, because of their CASA volunteer, Steffy, the three siblings were returned to their mother and father who love them dearly; they are growing and thriving in a safe, nurturing and permanent home.

Every child deserves a chance…IT’S YOU!

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