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October Is National Bullying Prevention Month

October is National Bullying Awareness & Prevention Month. As we continue to fight for stability in the lives of abused and neglected children, this is a time to reflect on the emotional and physical abuse that comes not from an abusive home, but from other children.

10 Ideas for Outdoor Activities for Kids

The start to another school year is already upon us, but that doesn’t mean the fun of summer has to stop. We still have plenty of warm days ahead. Keep your kids entertained in the evenings and away from the screen. Try these entertaining outdoor games for the whole family.

Healthy Tips for Kids This School Year

Ready or not, another school year is in full swing. Now. You’re done shopping for new clothes, shoes, super hero backpacks, and necessary school supplies. You’ve taken all the kids for a haircut and talked with them through first day jitters. The back-to-school chaos is over; you can take a breather and consider these tips… Read more »

Bonding Opportunity: Backyard Camping with the Family

You’ve no need to load the family into the SUV and seek out a campground. Enjoy your own backyard and create a memorable and fun experience for everyone (all within comfortable reach of a fridge and bathrooms). Backyard camping is an excellent way to fit in that all-important family bonding time.

How to Train a Child for a 5K Run

A great way to spend time with your child and practice a more active lifestyle in the process is running together. The rewards are actually triple fold—this sport offers a long-term chance to bond! Many parents are looking for a means to become closer with their children. Working toward a common goal is a definite… Read more »

The Paper Magazine Features Upcoming CASA Superhero Run

Read The Paper Magazines article highlighting the CASA Superhero Run:  Everyday Heroes Lace Up Their Running Shoes in Support of Abused Children – 6th Annual CASA Superhero Run is October 3.

Finding Home: A Success Story for April and Her CASA Advocate

April’s mother was proud of the fact that five-year-old April slept in bed beside her every night, even as an array of strange men occupied the bed on the other side. A neighbor, concerned about April’s safety, contacted Child Protective Services, and April was removed from a dangerous situation.

Identifying the Different Types of Child Abuse

Today, 185 children will be maltreated in Texas. Last year, more than 65,000 cases of abuse and neglect were confirmed in Texas alone. One in four girls are sexually abused before their eighteenth birthday, and one in six boys suffer sexual abuse. Here we identify the four main types of child maltreatment with the hope… Read more »

Risk Factors for Child Abuse and Neglect

Research has revealed many risk factors or attributes associated with child maltreatment. These risk factors may potentially contribute to child abuse and neglect.