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Program Notes: March 2023

Marilyn McQueeneyHappy spring! We had a wonderful time at our 2023 CASA Speaks For Kids Gala: Pretty in Pink. I loved seeing all the shades of pink at the Gala. The generous support of our community enables us to continue to advocate for every single child in care in Montgomery County! Every donor, every volunteer, and every Advocate makes a difference in the life of a child right here in our community. Our work would not be possible without all of you.

Program year-to-Date statistics

We are at the halfway mark for our Program year 2023. So far, 192 of our incredible Advocates have served 375 children in Montgomery County. In the past six months, 75 new children have come into care in our county. In the first six months of this Program year, our Advocates have logged more than 8,000 hours of advocacy and have driven more than 95,000 miles for their CASA work!

I appreciate every Advocate who is visiting their child each month, doing the CFE tools with their CASA child and family, documenting all tools and contacts in Optima, writing their court reports, attending hearings, following their child’s educational and medical needs, reaching out to family members, and making recommendations in the best interest of that child to the court. We’re so grateful to our Advocates for doing this work and caring about the children in Montgomery County.

retirement in 2023

As previously announced, I’m retiring as Program Director of CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County next month after 14 years of being involved with CASA as an Advocate, Case Supervisor, and Program Director. Assistant Program Director Susan Truscott was named my successor, and we’ve been busy working on the transition together. Susan is a fantastic leader and champion for children. She will continue to build and strengthen our Advocacy program in Montgomery County.

Though I will continue to serve in CASA in another capacity, I will deeply miss my day-to-day interactions with our Advocates and staff. If you’re able to attend my retirement celebration on April 25 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the CASA house, I look forward to chatting with you! More details will be sent via e-mail. If you’re unable to attend, be sure to stop by my office the next time you’re at the CASA house. I’d love to see you!


Marilyn McQueeney, TBRI Practitioner

Program Director


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