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Resolve to Make a Difference in 2015

In 2015, resolve to make a difference. Children in your community need someone to walk with them through some of the most difficult times a child can face. After suffering abuse and neglect, children who are placed in foster care need a voice, an Advocate. Resolve to stand up for a child who needs you this year.

When you become a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, and are assigned a child to help, you give that child hope, a voice, a stable hand through a very uncertain time. You change that child’s life in a positive way through a time of other, extremely difficult, changes. The child you help may not see their parents regularly, they may change foster homes, schools, friends, and may be distanced from siblings, grandparents, or others who are important to them in their young lives. You can be there for them, through the changes, until they are in a safe, permanent home.

As the child’s CASA, you will be the one to learn about their lives, the people in their lives, their circumstances, and to be the voice advocating for what is best for the child. You will gain a unique and comprehensive view of the child’s life, and to get to know the child in a way that other adults working with the child may not. You are there solely on the child’s behalf. That child is your focus, and watching out for his or her best interest is your goal.

Everyone’s lives go through different phases. Perhaps you are not currently in a position to become an Advocate. You can actively support CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County’s vision in other ways as well. Our vision – which is a vision we hope all in Montgomery County will embrace and ensure for our county’s children – is a concerned community where abuse and neglect are not tolerated and every child has the right to a safe, secure, and enriching childhood. You can do your part to make this vision a reality by volunteering to raise awareness, plan events, or become a financial supporter of the CASA program.

There are many more children who need our services, but without your support, without you as a volunteer, we may not be able to provide an Advocate for every child in need. In 2015, lets ensure together that every abused and neglected child in Montgomery County has a CASA Advocate so that these children will have the best opportunity to thrive in a safe, nurturing, permanent home.

Don’t let another year go by where you see the children on the local news, read about them in the newspaper, and pass them by on the street and do nothing. Please don’t distance yourself from their need, or separate yourself from the children who need you. Become a child’s Advocate, a CASA volunteer or supporter this year. You can make a difference for Montgomery County’s children in 2015.

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