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Unlock a World of Smiles this Summer for Kids Who Need It Most!

By Ann Marie Ronsman, President & CEO | Child Advocates of Montgomery County
Photo of Ann Marie Ronsman

You can give the gift of childhood adventures and help reach our “summer smiles” goal ($5,000) with your donation by next Monday, May 20…

As the promise of summer and the end of the school year approaches, I’m reflecting on the simple joys of childhood—the laughter echoing from playgrounds, the eager anticipation of summer adventures, and the irreplaceable memories formed during these carefree days.

However, not all children are fortunate enough to experience these moments. For many families and caregivers within our Montgomery County community, the rising costs of daily life have made even the smallest of these joys feel like a luxury.

That’s where our School’s Out Activities Fund steps in, and where your compassion can make a tangible difference.

Picture a young girl’s face lighting up as she watches her first movie on the big screen, or a boy’s triumphant cheer as he makes his first strike at the bowling alley. These experiences, which many of us take for granted, can be life-changing for children who are often sidelined by their family’s financial hardships.

$10 may provide a child with a ticket to a movie theater, $25 could unlock the door to a family entertainment center, and $50 might offer a summer full of poolside memories. The generosity of your $200 donation could even send a child to a local day camp for a week, fostering friendships and growth that will last a lifetime.

I invite you to join other supporters in providing these unforgettable moments. Your donation to the School’s Out Activities Fund will directly support children represented by Advocates or their caregivers, ensuring that the spirit of childhood thrives, even when school is out (summer break, winter holiday breaks, spring break, and other extended school breaks).

GIVE NOW to the School’s Out Activities Fund.

Your gift is about more than just fun; it’s about normalcy, opportunity, and the message that our community stands with every child, regardless of their circumstances.

Together, we can ensure that the pinch of tough times does not steal the laughter and joy of the children we serve. Let’s make this season one of endless possibilities for them.

With heartfelt thanks,

Ann Marie Ronsman, MSN, RN | TBRI® Practitioner

President & CEO

P.S. Every act of generosity, no matter the size, contributes to a child’s cherished memory. Thank you for considering a gift that allows kids to be kids.