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My name is Theresa. I am a mother of two, a grandmother of two, work full-time and am an active member of the Church. In my spare time I team up with other advocates to work in the best interest of abused and neglected children in Montgomery County. On a yearly basis, we have managed seven separate cases which involve advocating for twelve of the seven hundred and ninety children found in Montgomery County CPS custody.

The most challenging case we have encountered is that of a fourteen year old boy who was taken into CPS custody at the age of eight when his mother failed to come home from a crack party and his step father was found passed out at the home.

During his six years in custody, this boy has been in no less than eighteen different homes. Unsurprisingly, he now suffers from a wide range of emotional issues that have resulted in illegal behavior and an indeterminate stay in the Texas Youth Commission facility, better known as prison for adolescents.

We often wonder what his life would be like today if we had been there to help him when he first came under the Court’s jurisdiction.

This boy’s only wish is to have a family to care for him. Today, in some small way, we fill the role of being caring adults who can help speak for him and work tirelessly to find a safe and permanent home for him when he gets out of TYC. While you may not be able to provide a home for him, for only seven dollars a day you can help fund myself and my fellow advocates so that we can keep working on his behalf.


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