Take the first step to becoming a CASA advocate:


Unit One

National, State and Local Telephone Numbers

Local Attorneys
Toll Free Numbers
United Way Agencies
Community Referral Packet

Unit 2

Web Resources

Child Welfare
Law & Advocacy
Cultural Competence
Domestic Violence
Substance Abuse
Child Development
Conflict Resolution

Unit Three download

Investigation Resources and CPS Jargon

How to contact the Texas Parole Board
Assistance with Child Support or DNA Testing
Requesting Parole Information
Locating someone on the Sex Offender List
Montgomery County Contacts
Harris County Contacts
Texas Department of Criminal Justice Contacts
CPS Jargon

Unit Four

Medical Resources

Overview of the Star Health Program
Medication Drug Chart
Medical /Prescription Abbreviations from Latin
Psychotropic Medication Utilization Parameters for Foster Children
Ethical Consideration in Choosing Psychiatric Medications

Unit Five

Placement Options

Types of Foster Placements—General Overview
List of Private Foster Care Agencies used by DFPS in Montgomery County

Kinship Manual—as provided to relatives or kinship providers by DFPS
Poverty Level Guidelines
Kinship Caregiver Resources
Texas Fact Sheet for Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children

Sibling Issues in Foster Care and Adoption

Unit Six

Permanency Outcomes

Family Reunification—What Evidence Shows:
The Child and Family Services Reviews
Research on Family Reunification
Examples from the Field
Program Support for Reunification
Questions for Future Research

Adoption or Permanent Managing Conservatorship:
The Benefits of Adoption
How to Become an Adoptive Parent
What is PMC
Adoption Assistance Program

Aging Out/PAL Preparation for Adult Living:
Circle of Support
Benefits for Youth Transitioning from Foster Care to Adult Living
General Information—The Education & Training Voucher

Unit Seven download

Legal Training for CASA—Amy Atkinson

Preparation for Testifying
Assessment of Reasonable Efforts
Assessment of Gains & Losses
Sample Subject Areas You Should Be Prepared to Testify About

Unit Eight

In Service Notes/Handouts