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Important News from CASA Child Advocates!

November 23, 2021 I have some exciting news to share with you this holiday season… We’ve moved! Just last week, CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County, the county’s only organization appointed by the court to advocate for abused and neglected children, moved our offices to the historic Falvey-Miller House at 505 North Main Street in… Read more »

Support children in foster care in our county… While you shop for the holidays!

SHOP AMAZONSMILE Sign up and shop on AmazonSmile (and if you choose, designate “Child Advocates of Montgomery County” as the beneficiary of your generosity…) Shoppers who start at https://smile.amazon.com will find the same Amazon they know and love, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate a portion of the price of eligible purchases to the… Read more »

November Advocate Spotlight: Erica Avedikian

This month, we invite you to meet CASA Advocate, Erica Avedikian. Nominated by her CASA Case Supervisor, Shelly Ladden, Erica was kind enough to write a few words about her experience as an Advocate. As a Court-Appointed Special Advocate, I’ve witnessed firsthand the importance of CASA in the child welfare system. An Advocate provides a… Read more »

CFE Helps Reunify Family Across State Lines

By Jenn Engel, Training Manager, TBRI Practitioner & CFE Lead CASA became involved in a case involving a two-year-old and a one-year old in July of 2021, even before the first scheduled Adversary hearing.  It was a unique situation where the mother and children were here from another state. Due to limited information, the COVID-19 … Read more »

Program Notes: October 2021

By Marilyn McQueeney, CASA Program Director I love this time of year when the days start to be a bit cooler and we head into the holidays. At CASA, this is the time of year we close out one program year and start a new one. Amazing work was done for the children in Montgomery… Read more »

A Message from the Executive Director – October 2021

Happy fall, y’all… Can a Wisconsinite say that? What an exciting time it is at CASA. We are very privileged to be continuing to expand our Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Coaching for parents, placements, and caregivers. The purpose of the TBRI Coaching is to equip parents and caregivers with strategies to proactively meet a… Read more »

September Advocate Spotlight: Ed Felman

This month, we invite you to meet CASA Advocate, Ed Felman. Thanks so much to Ed for taking the time to answer a few questions for us. Ed was nominated by his CASA Case Supervisor, Melissa Anderson, who shared the following about Ed and his advocacy efforts: “Ed became a CASA Advocate at the very beginning… Read more »

August Advocate Spotlight: Katherine Orr

This month, we invite you to meet CASA Advocate, Katherine Orr. Katherine was kind enough to sit down and answer a few questions for us recently. Katherine was nominated by her CASA Case Supervisor, Jennifer Reitmeyer, who shared the following about Katherine’s advocacy efforts: “Katherine has always connected with the kids and the families. She… Read more »

How CFE Brought a Father and Daughter Together

By a CASA Advocate in Montgomery County, Texas Building Support Systems CFE (Collaborative Family Engagement) works. A case that recently closed began with the emergency removal of a young girl from the biological parent due to neglect. Fortunately, the child was placed with a relative close by.  The father was unknown at the time, and… Read more »