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TEA and School District Updates: 2020-2021 School Year

By Linda Chilcoat, CASA Case Supervisor and Education Team Lead

The Texas Education Agency has provided all school districts in the state of Texas with some general guidelines for opening schools. Much leeway has been given to local districts in beginning … Read more

Meet Kaleb, Kaylee, and Keisha

Kaleb, Kaylee and KeishaAt the start

Twins, Kaylee and Keisha, entered this world testing positive for drugs. Along with their older brother, Kaleb, the three spent their early years raised by their … Read more

The Training Spot | April 2020

Ann Marie RonsmanBy Ann Marie Ronsman

As Advocates, we work with families who are struggling mightily on a daily basis. In training, we work hard to help Advocates understand the reality of … Read more