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Child riding bikeSince 2019, several CASA Advocates (who also happen to be bike enthusiasts) have been working to facilitate getting bikes to children in foster care.  The group has been able to provide hundreds of bikes to Advocates, which in turn were delivered to the children on their cases.

Thanks to incredible donations from a number of sources, we have a healthy inventory of bikes of all sizes, as well as helmets! These are available for Advocates to reserve and deliver directly to children. If we do not have a particular bike in stock, we will do our best to find one by the pickup date. The process is easy!


Please fill out the form to reserve a bike for your child (Children will also get a helmet)

Advocate's Name(Required)
Please DO NOT include the child's full name. First and last initials ONLY.
Child's Gender(Required)
Training Wheels Needed(Required)

Again, we have a good selection of bikes and can accommodate most kids.


We respond to each Advocate directly when you submit your request for a bike. We will help you choose a bike by sending a photo and a description of each bike we have that might be the right fit for the child based on the details you provide. Once you choose a bike for the child, we will agree on a time and place for you to pick up the bike and helmet.

We wish every child could enjoy the childhood experience of riding a bike. Check with the caregiver first, and if they agree, let’s make it happen.

Thank you!

Randall Cade, Ron Finch, and Paul Vallone | “The Bike Guys”