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CASA Child Advocates Chance for a ChildCasa advocates served more than 800 children in foster care last year!


Thanks to you, over 800 foster children in Montgomery County had Advocates to make sure they were safe, secure and would ultimately end up in a loving, permanent home in 2018. We’d like to introduce you to one of those children now.

Meet KatieMeet Katie

8 year old Katie lived with her mom, Lisa, and Lisa’s boyfriend, Donnie. Over the past several years since Donnie moved in, Katie had regularly watched Lisa and Donnie fight, and many times, Donnie hit Lisa. Katie would tried to step in during arguments to help her mother, and Donnie lashed out time and time again at Katie as well. But Katie loved her mom, and her mom told her not to tell anyone what happened in their home. Katie stayed silent.

During yet another fight between Lisa and Donnie, Katie watched helplessly as Donnie beat her mother and then kicked Lisa in the head, knocking her unconscious. But this wasn’t like the other times, the other fights. When Katie ran to her mother, Lisa didn’t respond or get up. Lisa was taken to the hospital in a coma and Katie was placed in the care of Child Protective Services (CPS).

Joanna, a CASA Advocate, Stepped up to take Katie’s case.

Lisa remained in a coma in the hospital, so Katie was placed in in the care of a family friend. Joanna visited Katie and made certain Katie was able to go and see Lisa in the hospital. Katie was safe and protected, but she missed her mother.

After several weeks, Lisa woke up. However, initial prognosis by the doctors was not good. Although they now expected her to live, they were not sure she would ever be able to live on her own or care for Katie again.

Joanna looked for other family or friends who might care for Katie long-term but had no luck in finding an appropriate caregiver for Katie.

Joanna was also regularly visiting Lisa while she was in a rehabilitation center. Joanna spoke with Lisa’s team of medical professionals and watched as Lisa grew stronger and kept surpassing expectations. Lisa began attending counseling sessions for victims of domestic violence. Joanna made certain Katie was undergoing therapy for her abuse as well.

After many months, Lisa was discharged from the rehabilitation center and into her own apartment. She was allowed to visit Katie, and Joanna saw the joy on Katie’s face each time she was able to spend time with her mom.

Joanna recommended to the court that Katie be allowed to visit Lisa for several days over the summer holiday, and the judge agreed. The visit went extremely well, and Joanna began to truly believe that it was in Katie’s best interest to be reunified with her mother.

Meanwhile, Lisa testified in court against her former boyfriend, Donnie. Donnie is now in prison for assault, unable to hurt Lisa or Katie ever again.

Joanna watched Lisa continue to improve. Lisa was able to get and maintain a job and was now living completely on her own.

Because Joanna had been with the case from the beginning, she was able to confidently recommend to CPS and to the judge that Katie be returned home to Lisa. Again, the judge listened to Joanna’s unique perspective as Katie’s Advocate and agreed.

Katie is now a happy and healthy 11 year old. She started 6th grade this year, loves to read, and hopes to become a physical therapist someday. Most importantly, because of Joanna’s efforts, Katie is finally HOME with her mother, safe and loved.


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It costs $1,500 to provide a child with an Advocate for one year.

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