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The theme for our 2023 CASA SPEAKS FOR KIDS GALA is “Pretty In Pink.”  For a limited time, we are offering the opportunity to “flock” your family and friends with a yard full of plastic flamingos. (Get it? They’re pink!)

  • Flocks are limited to addresses located within Montgomery County, Texas (For an address on/near the boundary line of the county, please email Lindsay@CASASpeaks4Kids.com directly.)
  • We also cannot flock an address located in a gated community.
  • The flock size will be approximately 10-20 birds and will depend on the level of your donation. The more you donate, the bigger the flock!
  • Pretty In Pink volunteers from CASA will deliver the flock in mid-January, and we’ll email you a picture when this happens.
  • The flock will include a sign and letter explaining that a donation was made in their honor to CASA and giving them an opportunity to learn more about CASA and what we do.
  • We cannot guarantee a specific date for the “flocking.”
  • Each flock will be automatically removed within a day or two.
  • Enter the “flockee” address in the comment box.
  • Limited availability so order your flock today!

Send your flock now!

example of flamingo flocking