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By Sonia Miller

Enclosed in this book (download below) is information that I hope you find useful when equipping your future kitchen as well as providing basic cooking and baking essentials. Each of you will be at different levels in each area, so skim past any areas with which you are already comfortable. Learning your way around the kitchen and developing cooking and baking skills is a process that takes time, but keep in mind that homemade meals are healthier and cheaper than eating out regularly so this should be your goal.

I came from a household where my mother did all the cooking and did not want us in the kitchen. So, aside from heating hot dogs by boiling them in water (before microwaves were invented) and heating up tortillas directly on the gas stove, I was an adult before I learned to cook. You have an advantage that was not available to me at your age – if you’re unfamiliar with an item, you can Google the item or use YouTube. Online there are teaching tutorials to use/make just about anything as it is rich with cooking instructions, videos, and recipes galore. I encourage you to eat healthy and enjoy your time in the kitchen.

~ Sonia Miller

Home Economics 101 e-Book for Teens

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