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Many stories, much like Janie’s, can have a happy ending. CASA ADVOCATES DO CHANGE LIVES.

TWO YEAR OLD JANIE was found barely alive, beaten by her own father, and placed into the care of Child Protective Services.  The judge appointed CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County to Janie’s case, and her CASA Advocate first laid eyes on Janie as she lay in a hospital bed, recovering.

Janie’s abuse had actually begun shortly after her birth, and at one point, led to her going into respiratory arrest. Janie’s story of abuse is one seen all too often – abuse occurs by a family member or friend and is covered up by another, or simply not caught by other caregivers or medical professionals. In Janie’s case, her crying out in pain was thought to be caused by common childhood illnesses – not the constant abuse at the hands of someone who was supposed to protect her.

Through her CASA Advocate’s insistence, the hospital conducted a thorough examination and found that Janie had 15 broken ribs in various stages of healing, a broken leg, a broken arm, brain bleed, and a bite mark on her face.

Janie’s Advocate pushed hard. She made sure Janie got the care she needed while Janie was placed temporarily with her grandmother. She encouraged Janie’s mother to work her services and turn her life around. She was instrumental in researching and pointing out inconsistencies in the abuser’s story, and he was ultimately sentenced to life in prison. Janie’s CASA Advocate never gave up. Today, Janie is with her mother and grandmother, growing and thriving in a safe and loving home.

Many stories, much like Janie’s, can have a happy ending.

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