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Advocate Spotlight: The Bike Guys

Did you know???

Child riding bikeThree CASA Advocates started a bike program about a year ago for children in foster care in our county. They recently sent us an update, so we’re passing it on and sharing with you!

From “The Bike Guys” – Ron Finch, Randall Cade, and Paul Vallone:


  • We have given out 115 bikes since last September. Requests from Advocates have greatly slowed since the beginning of COVID restrictions.
  • We started a program to fund repairs and helmets by selling select donated bikes. Although the donated bikes are free to CASA, a fair percentage of bikes need repairs. Repairs may be only a few dollars per bike, but can be $50 or more. We also give a helmet to every child.
  • At this time our warehouse at Amazing Spaces (the storage space is donated by Amazing Spaces) is filled to capacity with 61 bicycles. We also have 20 more in alternate storage waiting to be repaired.


  • Since we have an excess of large bikes, we plan to sell a few more in the coming months.
  • We are short some of the smaller-sized bikes and plan to take advantage again this year of a new bike donation from Waste Connections. (No cost to CASA.)
  • Expect in the near future a bike program information email from Randall ready to forward to Advocates. Each time we do this there is a surge of requests.
Last month, [Ron] gave three bicycles and a tricycle to the children in [his] new case. [He is] still coming to know the extent of the damage from the trauma they have experienced. [His] first visit with them began with the three oldest keeping as far from [him] as they could. The simple act of giving and helping them with their new bikes completely changed the dynamics of the visit and was a good first step in earning their trust.
Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. ~Ron, Paul and Randall
For more info about “The Bike Guys”, email Info@CASASpeaks4Kids.com. (Photo is from CASA’s 2016 Bike Rodeo.)