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“The Bike Guys” Work to Provide Donated Bikes to Kids in Foster Care

By “The Bike Guys” – Randall, Ron, and Paul

Donated bikes for kids in care!

As communicated during the recent 2019 CASA Fall Conference, several CASA Advocates (who also happen to be bike enthusiasts) have been working to facilitate getting bikes to our CASA Kids.  To date, we have been able to provide almost 30 bikes to Advocates that have then delivered these to their children. We will keep you updated on additional distribution days for anyone interested in getting a bike for their CASA child(ren).

How to reserve a bike

Please fill out the form below to reserve a bike for your child. Children will also get a helmet.

Request a Bike

Advocate's Name(Required)
Please DO NOT include the child's full name. First and last initials ONLY.
Child's Gender(Required)
Training Wheels Needed(Required)

We have a good selection of bikes and can accommodate most kids. If we do not have a particular bike in stock, we will do our best to find one by the pickup date.

Distribution of bikes

We try to regularly plan distribution dates. Once you’ve filled out the form to reserve a bike, we’ll communicate the distribution details with you. Hopefully one of these scheduled dates/locations will work for you, but if not, don’t worry! We’ll find a way to get your CASA child a bike!

We look forward to getting a bike to your CASA child this month! We will send a confirmation email confirming that we have the bike you have requested and can deliver it on the date you specified.

Donating a bike

Finally, we also accept donations of bikes that are in like-new condition. If you have a bike or know of someone that may have a bike they would be interested in donating, please contact us and we will coordinate. We will accept all kinds of bikes but are especially seeking tricycles, balance bikes, and boys’ bikes with 16” wheels.

Thank you!

Randall, Ron, Paul

Email: Bikes@CASASpeaks4Kids.com

“The Bike Guys”