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The Training Spot | December 2020

Ann Marie RonsmanBy Ann Marie Ronsman, CASA Training Director & TBRI Practitioner

A Year in Review

To our Advocates, thank you for all your diligence this year learning new ways to serve our children in this COVID world.

Thank you for learning Zoom so you could build connection, both with your CASA children but also with each other through training. We have Zoomed a lot! Advocate gatherings, TBRI trainings, CFE Trainings and so many more!

T-Shirts from Fall Conference

Your t-shirts from Fall Conference have arrived! Please come anytime that we are open to pick them up. They are in my office and any staff member can get them for you.

Grateful for Your Service and Commitment to Children in Care

Although 2020 may not be one many want to remember, at CASA we have so much to be grateful for. You continued to serve 100% of the children in Montgomery County in a pandemic while investing in training to further enhance your advocacy abilities. While many others were looking inward you all looked outside yourself to your community and continued to serve children in care. Each and everyone of you is exceptional!

As always, it is my great joy to have the opportunity to work with each of you. Wishing you a holiday season filled with blessings.

Ann Marie