TBRI 102 Training

Presented by Linda Chilcoat and Jennifer Reitmeyer, TBRI Practitioners

In the TBRI 102 training, Advocates will gain an understanding of the TBRI principles of Connecting & Empowering. Participants will learn about mindfulness, and why it is essential to create healing connections. We will discuss ways to build engagement as well as nurturing activities that can be used with our CASA children. We will learn nurturing activities and also how we can set up the environment, through the use of ecologic & physiological strategies, to empower our children to be successful. Attendees will leave the training with knowledge and skills that they can use with their CASA children (which can also be shared with their children’s placements.)


**TBRI classes do not have to be attended in order. You can attend this class even if you have not yet attended TBRI 101 and/or have already attended TBRI 103.