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Remembering Kids in Foster Care on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day…

By Ann McAlpin, Executive Director, CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County

kids in foster careAt CASA, every day is Mother’s Day and every day is Father’s Day…working to serve the best interests for kids in foster care

When I was a young adult, I could never find the right Mother’s Day card for my mom. Hallmark used to only make cards that said “You are the sweetest mother in the world”, or some such charming overkill of an exaggeration. However, no one thought my mother was sweet on any extended basis. She was fierce, smart, funny, creative, protective, and I always knew that she loved me and would do anything for me on a big scale. But sweet—no. Thankfully, now a wide variety of cards are available that help us joyfully celebrate a wide variety of moms, like this example:

You taught me all about hard-work, patience, humility, kindness, perseverance, tolerance, forgiveness, and understanding. You have given me such a strong foundation by which to live my life, and I am so thankful for that.

At CASA, it is our mission to make sure every child who’s been abused has a Mom and/or a Dad.

We want every child, every day, to have someone they can safely call Mom or Dad. Someone into whose arms they can fall with happy abandon. Someone who will delight in teaching them to be a grownup with skills, with standards. Every child needs such a Mom, and/or such a Dad. Sweet is not necessary. Loving and safe are non-negotiable.

Every day we consider the weighty issue of just who the right Mom and the right Dad is for every child for whom we advocate. While we don’t decide, we recommend—and it’s a big responsibility!

To our Advocates…

You who are our Advocates—we celebrate you on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day for making tough decisions about who to recommend for each child in foster care. On my first case as an Advocate, I remember the feeling of being overwhelmed with the weight of the recommendations expected of me. You as Advocates take on this responsibility with every case. You continually surprise us with your practicality, your wisdom, the intelligence you apply to this work, your big hearts, your love.

To our Donors…

You who are our Donors—we celebrate you for making it possible for our volunteers to do this work.

The work you do, the donations you give, the strong foundation you are helping to build, will not only transform children today. It will make them better mothers and fathers when their time comes. You are truly making a difference.

Happy Mother’s Day. Happy Father’s Day!