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Program Notes: January 2022

Marilyn McQueeneyHappy New Year!

The new year has brought a number of changes to CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County. We are thrilled to be in our new building, and if you have not been by to see it yet, we would love to have you. It already feels like home and we could not be happier.

New Confidentiality Standards

We also had a standard change in the area of confidentiality. We sent all our Advocates an email in December with the new standard for the secure transmission of confidential information. Please be sure to return the bottom portion electronically after you have read through the information if you have not done so already. If you did not receive that email, please contact me or your Supervisor and we will forward it to you.

Introducing New Staff Members

In addition, we’ve added three new supervisors to our staff, and I want to formally welcome Erica Avedikian, Mike Quinn, and Francine Stanfield as our newest supervisors. Erica, Mike, and Francine are experienced Advocates who are great additions to our already incredible supervisor staff.

We are also very excited to have Julie Brown taking over as our Training Manager. Julie has been with us as an Advocate for over 8 years. She is thrilled to be joining us in this new role. Jenn Engel has moved on to a future career and goal as a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and a Family and Marriage Couples Counselor.

A few statistics

Since the start of our program year in September:

  • 66 new children have come into care.
  • Every one of those children has an Advocate assigned to them.

We are so grateful to our Advocates for their dedication to working with every child and their families. The pace has not slowed down and neither have our Advocates with the challenges in the past year. We are still covering 100% of the children in care in Montgomery County.

In addition, 75% of the children closed out since September were either reunified, placed with a relative, or adopted by a relative. Our Advocates are doing amazing work!

As I think over the past year, I am humbled by the work of our Advocates for the children of Montgomery County. Our Advocates have gone above and beyond to look out for the best interests of all the children in care. I am so incredibly thankful for every Advocate for their diligence in advocacy and their consistency in the lives of the vulnerable children in our community.


Marilyn McQueeney, TBRI Practitioner

Program Director


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