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Advocate Shares Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) Tool Success Story

CASA Advocate, Carol Seltz, brought supplies for a teen girl to complete a mobility map for their monthly visit. A mobility map is a visual timeline of a person’s life created by having them draw places they’ve lived and people from their earliest memory to the present day.

Here is what Carol shares about the positive experience:

“She is artistic – so I brought some small poster board paper that I had at my house – and a few different Sharpies. She dove into this activity – drawing the houses, added pets, put in the landscape around the house.

“Then she began to add angels or devils – she put in stick figures with angry expressions, and put the hurtful words they said to her in the word bubbles.

CFE mobility mapping


“She wanted to make a whole page of positive childhood memories – drew pictures of amusement parks, camping, stick people who she camped with, her dad with crab cages at the beach. It was beyond amazing seeing her create and talk about her life map. All in all, she filled 4 1/4 size poster boards and took 2 and 1/2 hours to complete them.

“There was so much information in the map, which she tied into each house she lived in,”  concludes Carol.

This Advocate wanted to share just how impactful this activity was for this child. Carol explains, “She kept saying ‘I feel so good drawing this.’ Powerful.”

Thank you, Carol, for sharing this amazing CFE story!

CFE Tools and Guide

Great news! There is now a Spanish CFE video available for Spanish speaking parents and families. This Spanish CFE video can be found here.

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