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Halloween is one of the most fun and celebrated holidays of the season, but it is also one of the most dangerous days of the year. An average of 5.5 pedestrians are killed every year on Halloween compared to 2.6 on any other day. It is easy to protect you and your children and avoid becoming a statistic by following these simple safety tips for Halloween night.

Safety Tips To Tell The Kids

Obey Pedestrian Traffic Laws!

You know these. Only cross the street at the crosswalk, walk on the sidewalk at all times, look both ways before crossing. These are simple rules, but many fail to follow them, putting themselves and drivers in danger.

If you cannot walk on the sidewalk, or there is not one, walk on the edge of the street facing traffic. This allows drivers to see you and you to see drivers in time to get out of the way.

Don’t Walk Too Close To Open Flames

Nothing sets off a creepy Halloween decoration like a candle or torch, but these can be safety hazards with the loose, flowing costumes that many wear Halloween night. Be safe and don’t walk too close to open flames. You’ll save yourself (and your costume) from injury!

Stay With A Group

Ask the kids to stay in a group. You may feel your neighborhood is safe, but keeping together in a group avoids any potential risks. You’re safer in numbers!

Carry a Glow-stick or Flashlight

To make sure the kids are visible to anyone driving, have them carry a light so they can be seen from a distance, and not when it’s too late. Flashlights also allow them to find each other if they get separated, see where they are going, and see a way back if they get lost.

Don’t Enter Strangers’ Houses

This is basic safety talk. Make sure they know to never enter a stranger’s house unless they are with a trusted adult. It does not matter what they are offering, make sure they know how to say “no”.

Steps Adults Can Take To Protect The Kids

Decorate Their Bags With Reflective Paint

You probably see a common theme here. Make sure your kids are easily visible to drivers at night. Adding reflective tape to their bags and even costume helps increase their visibility and prevent an accident. You could even make this a crafting project!

Use Face Paint Instead of A Mask

It’s not just drivers that need to see your kids, it’s your kids that need to see drivers. Facemasks can block out part of their view. By using face paint, they have their full range of view while still getting to be a little monster Halloween night.

Check The Candy

We have all heard this one, but we have for a reason. Check your kid’s candy for tampering. All candy should be factory wrapped and un-opened. Also, while you might appreciate the effort someone went through to make candy for the night, it is better to avoid this. Sadly, some people have done awful things to the homemade candy they give out.

Drive Safely!

This is not just for your kids, but everyone’s kids. Drive safely Halloween night. Kids will be in the streets, running, screaming, and not always visible. It is best to take it slow and cautious Halloween night, especially in neighborhoods.

Halloween can be just as safe as it is spooky! Just follow these simple safety tips and everyone can have a good time. At CASA we want to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween!

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