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June Donor Spotlight: FITNESS PROJECT

How Fitness Project Began

Fitness Project Check PresentationIn 2015, former Gold’s Gym Houston owner, Bryan Murphy, was working on a charity project in Guatemala when a new perspective on his business dawned on him: “What if we could benefit others while experiencing the benefits of the gym? And what if our personal health goals and projects could be part of a bigger community project?”

Moved by his experience in Guatemala, he knew that there was something incredibly powerful about giving back that could resonate with his gym members and inspire them to reach for more in life.
“Helping others brings up questions you never see coming. It helps you find meaningful purpose.”

Already knowing how fitness can provide a similar sense of clarity and fulfillment, he figured combining the two would help people elevate their lives in ways they couldn’t have previously imagined.

With Bryan’s vision solidified, FITNESS PROJECT was born, a gym that empowers you to get fit and give back.

How Fitness Project Gives Back

Fitness Project supports local charities through fundraising and experiential initiatives, and invites members to participate in any capacity they’re interested in. The company’s website explains, “While we try to make our community projects appealing to everyone, we do not put pressure or pass judgement on our members to donate or attend. We simply create an environment that showcases what we’re involved in and celebrates our members’ community goals and achievements. Should a member want to contribute, we’ll welcome them with open arms!”

Giving to Support Children in Foster Care in Montgomery County

CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County is one of the charitable organizations selected by Fitness Project to be featured on their Project Wall at all five locations (The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Kingwood and Humble.) To date, Fitness Project members have donated more than $15,500 to CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County since October of 2020!

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To find a Fitness Project location near you or to learn more about membership options, please visit their website at https://fitnessproject.us/.