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Guest post by Susan and Andy Truscott

We all want to help. Here’s how Susan and Andy Look at things.

Andy and Susan TruscottMy name is Susan, and I am a Child Advocate, a Case Supervisor, focused upon providing compassion and strength to those children of Montgomery County who have found themselves in foster care, through no fault of their own. My husband, Andy, on the other hand, is a Consulting Professional, who spends much of his days helping clients navigate through increasingly choppy commercial waters – and improving their businesses.

We both support CASA in different ways, directly and indirectly. We donate both our time and our financial resources to assist where we think it will have the best impact. Heck, yes, we enjoy the annual gala too. The after-party is great! Yet underlying all the frivolity and gaiety, there is the ugliness of the cause.

We were both brought up in loving, caring, families where the wants and needs of ourselves and our siblings were a high priority. Where family members respected who we were and didn’t attempt to use us for their own needs. Where we were able to run and play in our houses without fear of being targeted as a punching bag or, alternately, completely ignored for days on end.

The sad fact is that the good work of CASA will never be done. CASA is the glue that means the voice of the child is not lost amongst the hubbub of judicial, legal, welfare, clinical, and educational discourse.

Financial support is the foundation of ensuring CASA can continue, can grow, and can further their mission. We’ve decided that including CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County in our estate planning is the right thing to do and the current COVID-19 concerns have provided impetus to update our Wills. It means that beyond our lifetimes, our money and investments will be put to good use by CASA, helping those who need it, one child at a time.

There are a different ways of including CASA in your legacy. Either direct bequests, or making different types of endowment. What makes sense for us, might not make sense for you. What does make sense is including CASA in our thinking for the future. For the sake of the children, it’s the right thing to do.

Andy and Susan Truscott

For more information about including CASA in your legacy, please contact Mercedes Milstead at Mercedes@CASASpeaks4Kids.com.