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Program Notes: September 2022

September is a time of transition. Children return to school, whether pre-K or college, and as the leaves change, we also experience a shift in our daily routines. At CASA, this month signals the end of our previous Program year and the beginning of our new one on Sept. 1. As I reviewed our numbers… Read more »

A Message from the President & CEO: September 2022

By Ann Marie Ronsman, President & CEO | CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County Happy fall, y’all! (Can a northern girl say that?) Thank you to each of you that came to our volunteer appreciation event at Rob Fleming Park in July. It was the hottest day on record in Houston ever! We were so… Read more »

August 2022 Advocate Spotlight: Ron Finch

We invite you to meet Ron Finch, nominated by Case Supervisor Kristy O’Neal. “Ron has been with us since early 2017,” Kristy said. “He has been assigned to 12 cases, including his current two cases, which are complicated. Ron works on his advocacy almost daily. He excels in medical and educational advocacy and meets all… Read more »

July 2022 Advocate Spotlight: Paolina Fasula

We invite you to meet Paolina Fasula, nominated by Case Supervisor Victoria Warmuth.  “Sworn in earlier this year, Paolina has done an incredible job advocating for a teen and tween girl,” Victoria said. “She has a heart of gold and has dedicated countless hours to supporting the girls, driving around Texas to ensure that they… Read more »

CASA Plays Critical Role in Educational Advocacy for Children in Foster Care

Part of the role of a Court-Appointed Special Advocate is to champion the educational needs of the children we serve, both in court and in the school system. The child’s Advocate has the right and the responsibility to: Review a child’s educational data, Communicate with the school staff, Attend educational meetings, and Include CASA’s research… Read more »

Program Notes: July 2022

There is not a single month that our Advocates are not visiting their CASA children, reaching out to relatives, communicating with caseworkers and attorneys, talking with teachers, meeting with children’s doctors, writing court reports, attending family meetings, and making recommendations for the child’s best interest in court. So far this year, 238 Advocates have been… Read more »

A Message from the President & CEO: July 2022

By Ann Marie Ronsman, President & CEO | CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County Happy summer! I’m grateful to have just returned from a wonderful family trip to Alaska and Washington. We took a cruise and enjoyed some wonderful family adventures. I am a wanderlust at heart, so traveling again was fantastic. This trip was… Read more »

July 2022 Advocate Spotlight: Gerald Humphrey

We invite you to meet Gerald Humphrey, nominated by Case Supervisor Victoria Warmuth.  “Gerald has been an Advocate since 2019 and has carried six cases,” Victoria said.  “A grandfather who goes by ‘Ruh Roh,’ he enjoys advocating for young men who are in need of a stable male figure, and he’s not afraid of getting… Read more »

CASA4Teens Program: For Youth Aging Out of Foster Care

CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County is focused on improving teen outreach. The “CASA4Teens” program (formerly the “Fostering Futures” program), aims to increase successful outcomes for youth aging out of foster care. Therefore, We are working diligently to provide the following: A resource directory for teens, caregivers, staff, and Advocates. The directory will outline available… Read more »

June 2022 Advocate Spotlight: Meredith Wedin

We invite you to meet Meredith Wedin, nominated by Case Supervisor Karen Vegas.  “In her five years with CASA, Meredith has served ten children through her work on seven cases,” Karen said. “She is a kind and gentle spirit who approaches families with the perfect balance of grace and tough love.” We asked Meredith to… Read more »