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Program Notes: March 2022

Marilyn McQueeneyWelcome to spring!

I love this time of year when we’re getting closer to Spring and Easter—I would say when it warms up a bit; however, as I write this article, the temperature is in the thirties! We have to love our Texas weather.

I’m pleased to announce that Susan Truscott, one of our Case Supervisors, has been promoted to Assistant Program Director. She joins Mandy Stegint, who has worked in this position for more than three years. As Assistant Program Directors, Mandy and Susan will oversee the Case Supervisors, the work of our Advocates, and other aspects of our program team. I’m so grateful to Mandy and Susan for their dedication and commitment and our entire team in making this the best CASA program in the area!

We are at the halfway mark for our program year 2022. So far, 227 of our incredible Advocates have served 457 children in Montgomery County. In the past six months, one hundred new children have come into care in our county. I thank each Advocate who is visiting their child each month, doing the CFE tools with their CASA child and family, writing their court reports, attending hearings, following their child’s educational and medical needs, reaching out to family members, and making recommendations in the best interest of that child to the Judge. In the first six months of this program year, our Advocates have logged over 8,000 hours of Advocacy and have driven over 68,000 miles for their CASA work! We’re so grateful to our Advocates for doing this work and caring about the children in our community.

If you have not visited our new “home” at 505 N. Main Street yet, I invite you to stop by and see our new place at The Rock Center for Child Advocacy where you’re always welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat with our team. This beautiful space is allowing us the opportunity to expand our programs and increase our ability to better serve the children and families of Montgomery County.


Marilyn McQueeney, TBRI Practitioner

Program Director


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