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Program Notes: October 2021

By Marilyn McQueeney, CASA Program Director

Marilyn McQueeneyI love this time of year when the days start to be a bit cooler and we head into the holidays. At CASA, this is the time of year we close out one program year and start a new one. Amazing work was done for the children in Montgomery County during the 2021 Program year (9/1/2020 – 8/31/2021).

  • During the past year,  286 Advocates served 616 children in care in Montgomery County.
  • There were 236 new children brought into care during this time.
  • We have sworn in 92 new Advocates.
  • Those amazing 286 Advocates volunteered over 16,000 hours and drove over 120,000 miles on behalf of their CASA children.
  • And by far most importantly, we have continued to serve 100% of the children in care in our county.

At CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County, our goal remains solid that each child leaving care is in a safe, stable home and has a support system in place.  Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) plays such an important part in that — along with Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) — to bring about positive outcomes for our children.

This past year, 77% of the children leaving care were placed with family – either reunification, custody with a relative, or adopted by a relative. This so truly reflects the outstanding work of all of our Advocates and staff in finding family and working with those families to provide a positive outcome for the children.

It was wonderful to “see” so many of you at our virtual Fall Conference in September. Thank you for taking the time to train and stay up to date in what is going on with CASA and the child welfare community. We had over 150 in attendance! Please continue to watch your emails and our website for the trainings being offered over the next few months.

As the Program Director, I am so thankful for all our Advocates who made the decision to volunteer for CASA and the children we serve. You are an incredible, talented team doing an amazing job.


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